Appraisal Services

Express Valuation offers solutions for all of your residential real estate appraisal needs.

Our appraisers are certified residential and have experience with every residential property type; single family homes, condominiums, townhouses, manufactured homes, custom built homes, and vacant land appraisals.

Our current turn-around time for most residential appraisal reports is 3-5 business days or about one week from the time you order your appraisal to the time we deliver the completed report to you.

At Express Valuation we use the latest in software and technology to ensure we have the freshest, most recent, and accurate data for our appraisal reporting.

Express Valuation is now offering Commercial Appraisal Services. Contact us for more information about our Commercial Appraisal Services we offer and our partnership with Downing Appraisals of Mojave County, Arizona.

Our Standard Fee Schedule*

Standard fees apply to conforming properties located in the greater Flagstaff area. See below for more information.

  • Single Family|Interior: $450
  • Single Family|Exterior: $400
  • Manufactured|Interior: $450
  • Manufactured|Exterior: $400
  • Condo|Interior: $450
  • Condo|Exterior: $400
  • Land Appraisal: $400
  • Rent Schedule: $100**
  • Income Statement: $100**
  • Final Inspection: $150
  • Building Sketch Only: $150
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Coverage Area

Our service area currently covers the greater Coconino county area including, but not limited to the following cities:

  • Flagstaff: 86004 & 86001
  • Williams: 86046***
  • Munds Park: 86017***
  • Parks: 86018***
  • Bellemont: 86015***
Our Service Area

Additional Fees & Disclaimers*

Additional Fees and Disclaimers

*Standard fees apply to conforming properties located in the greater Flagstaff area. Additional fees may apply for larger, custom, more remotely located properties, and report types and/or client assignment requirements.

**The following discounts are available for investment properties:

  1. $500: Full appraisal of a single unit property( Form 1004) with rent schedule and operating income statement (ordered at the same time)
  2.  $600: Small Income / 2 – 4 Units / (Form 1025) with rent schedule and operating income statement (ordered at the same time)

***Fees subject to an additional $50 assessment for properties located in:

  • Bellemont (86015)
  • Parks (86018)
  • Williams (86046)
  • Munds Park (86017)

Trip Fee: If the appraisal is canceled for any reason other than at the appraisers request, post inspection, the Client will incur a fee assessment of $75.00. This is non-negotiable.

FHA appraisals are assessed the additional $50 fee as a more extensive inspection of the residence is made including testing of all major operating systems in the home as well as additional addendums in the appraisal report detailing the condition of the property as required by FHA/HUD. In the event the residence has items in need of repair or replacement, an estimated cost to cure or cost to repair is required and included in the appraisal report. (Learn More about FHA/HUD)

All assignments shall be prepared for and are for the sole and exclusive use of the noted intended user(s) and intended use(s).
All Appraisers’ work including the Appraiser’s final report will be performed according to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and the applicable laws of the state in which Appraiser is licensed.